Dick Powell
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"Richard Ewing "Dick" Powell" was an American singer, actor, film producer, film director and studio head. Though he came to stardom as a musical comedy performer, he showed versatility and successfully transformed into a hardbitten leading man starring in projects of a more dramatic nature.

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If we're going to stabilize the city and get the city moving forward, it's an absolute. There's no other resources available to us.

Best case scenario it'll come out a little bit at a time and go on down the river. Worst case, it's going to take everything out in between on its way down.

When it starts to move it will make a lot of noise and it will move and have a lot of momentum and take anything in its way out.

Without individuals feeling safe and having an environment of safety, they then have reluctance of taking part in the city of being active. They wind up wanting to leave the city. That's more detrimental.

If it's restricted anywhere if it acts like a dam. The water will start backing up real fast.

Bill's probably making about $2 an hour when you consider how much he's making against what he could be making in retirement. Why does somebody come to work like that?

No, I've never heard that. And I'm not the movie star either.

Basically they take things in stride. If it's going to happen it's going to happen.