"Richard John "Dick" Long" is a former Australian politician.

He was born in Leongatha, Victoria/Leongatha to John Adrian Long and Doris May. He served in World War II as an RAAF pilot from 1943 to 1946, after which he received his Bachelor of Law from Melbourne University and became a solicitor. From 1950 he worked for the firm of Gray, Fried & Long in Warragul, Victoria/Warragul. A member of the Liberal Party of Australia/Liberal Party, he was elected to the Victorian Legislative Council for Gippsland Province/Gippsland in 1973. He served until 1992, when he retired.

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The employees and Duke University have only heard one side of the story. These people have good jobs, good money, good benefits, and they believe Peter is the only source of all that.

People are being told they're giving money to diving research, and in reality, the money's going for something totally different.