"Dick Bennett" is an American college basketball coach who is best known for building the Green Bay Phoenix men's basketball program into a mid-major power and revitalizing the Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball/Wisconsin Badgers basketball program. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he is the father of current Virginia Cavaliers men's basketball/Virginia Cavaliers head coach Tony Bennett (basketball)/Tony Bennett and current Northern Illinois Huskies women's basketball/Northern Illinois women's basketball head coach Kathi Bennett.

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We have not shown the improvement I expected.

At the moment, McCain fits the bill of the type of candidate Republicans are looking for, in light of what's happening to the Bush presidency. He can be a conservative Republican to conservative Republicans, he can be more moderate to independent voters, because of the straight-talk aspect. He fits the profile of what different voters want.

We were consistent on both ends of the court.

What people don't like is uncertainty. What they really don't like is a president who doesn't acknowledge uncertainty and deal with it. Americans can take bad news, but they want a way out of it and they don't see that from Bush.

I thought we were respectable against Morrison.

Sometimes you have to be empty. That is one thing I have truly learned in all the rebuilding projects. At some point, you have got to take a punch to the gut that just empties all the arrogance or pride or false hopes, and then you realize we better face up to who we are.

We're all 100 percent for keeping the elementary schools in their communities opposed to making a warehouse for the kids, so to speak.