He's a different type of back than what we see over here. In the Pac-10 we have smaller guys who are quicker and shiftier. He's a real straight-ahead kind of guy, real fast with a great combination of size and speed. I like playing against him. It's fun tackling a guy who's bigger. It makes for a bigger hit and he packs a punch.

I've played against a lot of great backs. They're all the same. You've just got to attack them, really. He's more of a power back, and he's going to kind of lower his head and try to take you down.

I don't think about it too much and jinx myself. It would be nice to look back when I'm 65 and fat, telling my kid and my next-door neighbor, while I'm washing my car, how cool I was back in the day.

They beat us the first few years and that was tough. My brother never beat 'em, so for me to beat 'em two years in a row and my last year being here, it's great to go out like this.