Derrick Johnson
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"Derrick "DJ" O’Hara Johnson" is an American football linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football for the University of Texas and earned consensus All-American honors twice. The Chiefs chose him in the first round (15th overall) of the 2005 NFL Draft, and he's a 3 time Pro Bowler.

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The smaller surface area limits oxygen. Oxygen can enter only on the surface.

He was stuck, ... He wanted to do the right thing.

My first question would be about the propriety of tattoos, period. We have a responsibility of taking care of the body God has given us and maintaining it. I'm not sure that shows the best attitude toward the value of human beings.

I told him he didn't have that kind of time to surrender, ... The best thing he could have done for his son is to come in right away, because too much bad can happen when he was on the street wanted for murder charges.

This is my chance to see if I can play here. And I believe I can.

It gave me confidence. I made some plays, and I competed.

I've probably missed three sacks because of that.

We've had several issues over the years of what appeared to be racial discrimination against black voters and the Justice Department has yet to come in and do a thorough investigation. And for them to take on this case is highly unusual and very suspect.

We're going to get serious. We've been playing around with this for too long, ... It's gotten totally out of hand.

It adds more choices for residents to have. Twenty years ago people would have to go into nursing homes and now they can go into assisted living.

Loosen up people. Take the suit and tie off and loosen up.

Every subdivision in Lawrenceville has complaints.

It shows you that one person's life can make a difference. You had to stop in some sort of reverence for her.

They just beat last quarter's (earnings) forecast and raised their guidance.

The No. 1 killer of tropical fish in this country is having your neighbors feeding your fish.

We just gave the go-ahead to draw the building, ... We haven't spent a dime more than the original $1.5 million [budgeted for the project].

If they are any discrepancies, we want to make sure that if there are individuals in need that we supply as much support as possible.

One group wants to spread [the redevelopment] to the entire city. The other wants to toss the whole thing out, ... We have to reach a workable solution.