"Derrick Gibson" is a former American football Safety (American football position)/safety who played his entire career for the Oakland Raiders. He was drafted by the Raiders in the first round (28th overall) in the 2001 NFL Draft. He played college football at Florida State Seminoles football/Florida State.

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It was much more exciting that I would have liked. We're a young team, but we can't use that excuse anymore. We're 15 games into the season. That's an excuse you can you get away with five or six games into a season. Our kids have matured, and they need to manage pressure.

It feels good to come home. And it feels even better to come home and get a win.

To go 3-1 in this tournament, we're happy with that. It's a tough tournament every year, and only one team gets to go 4-0 in this tournament.

We've got a big game on Friday night against a team that beat us by four points up at their place. There won't be any letdown.

We are just killing ourselves. We've got to take a long look at ourselves in the mirror because we've got a big one next week, and we can't expect to win with all these penalties. There's no more room for error.

They banked in a 3, and those kind of things will happen when you don't get after a team, and close the door.

We just got some different personnel in. Those guys are filling the shoes of guys who left (the team). Everybody?s playing as a team now. We pick each other up when we?re down. It?s like a whole other team since the start of this (season). We made some good changes.

The only chance we had to see them was (Wednesday). They didn't shoot that well then. We really didn't expect them to shoot that well from the outside. But they did.

It wasn't a lack of defense on those threes. They just made some tough shots.

That's been one of our problems (holding leads or extending leads). We're a young team, but it's more than half way (through) the season, so we're not young anymore.

I don't think we played anywhere close to our best. These kids don't know what their full potential is. We haven't put together four quarters in a game. They realize that and know they need to keep working hard in practice.