Derek Mitchell
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"Derek James Mitchell" is an American diplomat with extensive experience in Asia policy. He was recently appointed by President Barack Obama as the first Special Representative and Policy Coordinator for Burma with Rank of Ambassador, and was sworn in by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on October 2, 2011. On June 29, 2012, the U.S. Senate confirmed him as the new United States Ambassador to Burma.

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We're treading a really fine line on this, and there is a debate among people in Washington about what we should do.

There just isn't that much attention to Asia compared to the Middle East and Iraq, ... Everything is seen through the prism of the war on terror.

Why is he going to Mongolia? ... It is part of the mantra of Bush's second term of promoting democracy. Mongolia is the only Asian communist country to go democratic – and they have troops in Iraq.

South Korea put a lot of pressure on the United States … South Korea told us they consider this an alliance issue.

The run of economic data and company news we've had has been fine. There's been nothing in there to cause any shock to the market. That's beginning to give the market confidence that better times are here and we can look forward.

There are always glitches, problems that can go wrong, especially in the early stages of space flight.

We have a vision we're implementing of a much more active and robust U.S.-Japanese alliance in the region that is constructive and helps provide peace and stability. To the degree that Japan is not seen as constructive, as having not dealt with its past, and therefore not welcome to be involved in the region, it hurts us.

With the costs that have been stripped out of a lot of companies, any pick-up in business they see feeds very quickly through the operational gearing.