We really don't know why young men like Kevin are taken from us. I certainly don't have a satisfactory answer as to how this could have happened to a boy with no prior health problems.

There was no explosion of any device, ... There were containers of condensed milk in there -- metal cans. Those exploded and the tires exploded. That's what people heard.

We didn't shoot well. We didn't pass well. We didn't get back on defense the way we normally do. When you don't do that, you're bound to lose. I guess because of the four-day stay in Greenville, we were just fatigued. But that's no excuse. We just didn't play well.

It works as a deterrent. Any issue that may occur, if a student is in possession of drugs or alcohol, it is immediately addressed.

The students have been great. They've been diligent in doing what we've asked of them. They've been doing a good job covering up their cuts. ... I think they've realized how important this can be if they don't take the precautions.

We settled to bring this matter to closure, more as a convenience than as an admission of wrongdoing.