If they would call me ahead of time, I can hook them up with somebody. All I have to do is make a phone call and there'll be guys there with canoes and decoys to take a kid hunting.

We're leaving early because Johnny Bench just broke our spirits.

I always want to buy something. It just seems more personal.

It didn't surprise me because of how hard he works. It's outstanding, obviously only one person can get that spot, and he did it.

It is a very lofty but reachable goal, ... It's difficult to obtain, some of the best tae kwon do athletes never make it to the Olympics. It's definitely possible though, and it will be quite an accomplishment if he reaches it.

You know out there, they're going to have a good time. If these kids can shoot, they should have no problem getting two or three, easy. It'll be a fun time, and that's all we're after, to get them to enjoy it.

We just want to help introduce young kids to the sport of duck hunting.

He's real dedicated competitor. He works very hard, ... He just has an internal desire to be the best. This is what he's chosen to do and he just wants to be the best.