"Dennis Perry" is a Canada/Canadian politician, currently the deputy leader of the Green Party of British Columbia. He lives in West Vancouver.

He spent 35 years in business and investment banking. He also spent decades spearheading the campaign to achieve protection for the Spruce Lake Protected Area/Southern Chilcotin Mountains as a BC provincial park.

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I was in Vegas for a month, and I had to come home to take care of my cattle.

I think CVU will be good right off the bat.

I just started playing Hold 'Em.

What you see on TV is usually the final table, and things are different there.

I've played with Chris, and I've talked to him, ... I don't need any pointers from him. He is just lucky.

There's not a lot of walking in poker.

He throws pretty well. He's put on about 30 pounds of muscle. He's hit the weight room hard this year.

You don't really get to see much if you are playing, ... Tunica's my favorite place though. They're more hospitable and their complimentary services are better.

She follows it on the computer.