I do a lot of litigation and lot of municipal work throughout Rockland County, and the town was interested in getting the most experienced council they can.

Defendants are understandably trepid at the admission of Barbara Berntsen's statements. They have reason to be, in that this evidence divulges the glue of the conspiracy.

Immediately, we're met with extreme hostility.

His ability to relate to victims, witnesses and defendants was incredible. Everyone felt comfortable with Paul because of his demeanor and how relaxed he was. Paul was approachable to anyone.

[Miami Law (number 1 on the directory) enjoys the same advantages.] We have adjuncts coming in from Argentina, Brazil, all over, who are practicing transnational litigation, ... But even beyond that, because of the population of the region, students and faculty serving in the community will find foreign law and cross-cultural aspects in [local] family law.

The end result is that HUD is supportive of the project and they're not going to block it. All 10 apartments are going to be available as originally planned.

Consumers should have complete confidence that their services are going to work normally ... once the New Year flips.

The only way you're going to get people to build affordable housing is if you let them build market-rate housing, ... Setting aside 20 percent would be efficient. But whether it's 10, 20 or 30 percent is a matter for the board to consider.

CFC 's collaborative business payment solution, Business Payment Connection, is being offered by community banks to small and mid-tier businesses to accelerate cash flow to fuel their growth, ... All of my instincts tell me it is time for a B2B payments breakthrough, and I see this opportunity to use my professional and personal experiences to assist CFC in bringing this to bear.