Dennis King
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"Dennis King" was an English actor and singer.

Born in Coventry as "Dennis Pratt", King had a stage career in both drama (including Shakespeare's plays/Shakespeare) and musical theater/musicals. He emigrated to the USA in 1921 and went on to a successful career on the Broadway stage. Among his most notable performances was his role in the original production of Rudolf Friml's Rose-Marie, in which he introduced the songs "Rose-Marie" and "Indian Love Call"

He appeared in two musical films and played non-singing roles in two other motion pictures. He also played several roles on television. He died in New York City, aged 73.

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Every guy on their team was faster than our fastest guy.

The only thing I was looking for after the touchdown was the ref so I could give him the ball so I wouldn't get a penalty, ... Go out with class like I do all the time. I wanted to do what P.J. did, but I realized I had to go out with some class instead of a penalty.

I don't have that bitter taste in my mouth any more, ... I went 0-11 last year, so it feels real good to get a win, especially at home. It's nice to be back home where I have fans behind me whether I lose or win.

It felt real good to touch the end zone at home.

The Midwest is not the aggressively growing part of the country. For us to grow our organization, we need to go further and further from home.

When I first came in the stadium I felt like I was home, ... I had these butterfly feelings. But then when I got my first tackle it took me back to 2003, the last time I played on this field on my senior night, and the butterflies went away.

They'd much rather work back at home where they're familiar with their people.

We bring the pressure and those plays are there.

Over the last several years, we started talking about a way to formalize the relationship. We began serious discussions (at) the beginning of this year.