Dennis Davis
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"Dennis Davis" is an American drummer and session musician best known for his work with David Bowie.

He was born and raised in Manhattan, New York City and studied with drummers Max Roach and Elvin Jones. He met guitarist Carlos Alomar when they were both playing with Roy Ayers. Davis was hired by David Bowie in 1974 with Alomar and bassist George Murray (musician)/George Murray. Davis formed the rhythm section which performed on a number of Bowie's albums released in the 1970s.

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We had a big rush with a lot of our developers pushing to get projects in.

We swam great. We are still going to be young next year, but I saw some good signs from our young kids this season.

We have good swimmers. Our problem is with our roster size; it makes it kind of hard to score team points. Really, I think our kids will do just fine when it comes to sectional time.

It's honestly disappointing that we don't have more numbers. But the swimmers that we do have are working hard; they're continuing to get better. We have a great freshman class. They bring a lot of energy; they're a lot of fun; they're just a great group to work with.

We are looking forward to being part of a network driven by the exceptional talents at both CBS and Warner Brothers Entertainment.

We all knew that was something that just wasn't supposed to happen. We should have played better, and we can't slack off like that for any team.

I think (impact fees) have been overshadowed by the increase in concrete and steel. It seems to have settled down.

Aw, man, it was a horrible feeling leaving the stadium like that. It's definitely not something you ever want to let happen again.