"Dennis Banks", a Native Americans in the United States/Native American leader, teacher, lecturer, activist and author, is an Anishinaabe born on Leech Lake Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota. Banks is also known as "Nowa Cumig" (Naawakamig in the Ojibwe writing systems/Double Vowel System). His name in the Ojibwe language means "In the Center of the Universe." He has been a longtime leader of the American Indian Movement, which he cofounded in 1968 with Native Americans in Minneapolis.

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The fact that these teachers are willing to share their time is important, and we are very grateful.

I would like to be a spectator today, but they gave me a t-shirt and they gave me some sticks and I'll probably get in there one play, but I'm not a player.

For 27 years, it meant only one thing. And we carry a message about the life on this planet and the quality of it is sacred. Very simple, but sometimes complex.

We're bringing hope. I think that's all that we can do. And somebody was caring for them. There's a lot of people been down there that are bringing hope and we were just one of them.