"Denise Radon Masters Jones" is one-third of the Contemporary Christian music group Point of Grace. She has won 12 Dove Awards with Point of Grace.

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We are embarking on a new era and we need everyone's cooperation.

We want a lot of public input because we know it will be very, very different from what we do now.

Pop music doesn't always give a vocal group like ours the opportunity to utilize four-part harmony so this is our chance to pull out the stops vocally. Honestly, its one of the most exciting records we get to make.

He was an outstanding young gentleman. He always went above and beyond and would go out of his way to help others.

Because most things are 50 percent or 75 percent off, you can really get a deal. I think this is the best time yet.

The car left. It was a hit and run. All we have is [its side] mirror. They say there should be some dents along the front left portion of the car.

We had about 15 people come and once we started showing them how to use it, they were very, very positive about it. It was fun for them and they actually enjoyed casting ballots on it. No one had anything negative to say after they had tried it and I think that surprised them.

Since we made this agreement, the price has gone to $13.78 and everyone tells us it will continue to rise.

We are working to resolve issues and we hope to have it ironed out by the end of the week. We have to have it ready by May 16 (primary election).