We have had people who have bought a dozen. We are cookie-bound until March.

Combined with the international marketing and regulatory expertise of large pharmaceuticals, it can be incredibly valuable.

My pony is about critters a horse would encounter in its lifetime.

I know he murdered my sister. Deep down in my heart I know it.

I am glad that he came and showed that he cared. We were treated so bad in the Superdome, it wasn't funny. I am so glad to be here to get some help and see that people do care.

It's in bad taste. Yeah, he was a great defense attorney. But what about your moral obligation to children and society?

It's huge. I think we are going to find that 2005 is the year that Colorado's bioscience industry began a huge acceleration. It's evidenced by these financings, and there's more to come in the fourth quarter.

I had no idea it would take that long.