No, I won't, ... I'm going to need all the pictures I can get.

That wasn't the nightmare, ... After we got to the staging point, it was horrendous I wanted to get my family out of there because I knew it was getting worse.

In Gwinnett, they don't shut down the whole city just for one team, ... Down there, you see all the stores are closed and the stadium is jam-packed; there's so much support down there. It's overwhelming.

[To Bertha, it looked filthy and infected. She refused to go.] I was scared, ... I thought my grandma was going to die.

The weather was fine. It was a regular day.

And I wasn't going to leave without my family.

I really learned from the experience and it was exciting. I'm going to come back and explore the park.

If he were any lesser of a man, he wouldn't have made it.

The poor man is happy; he expects no change for the worse.