Del Harris
FameRank: 6

"As player:"

* 'Little All-American'

"As coach:"

* NBA Coach of the Year Award/NBA Coach of the Year (1994–95 NBA season/1995)

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"Delmer William "Del" Harris" (born June 18, 1937) is an American basketball coach who is currently the vice president of the Texas Legends, the NBA D-League affiliate of the Dallas Mavericks. He served as a head coach for the NBA's Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks, and Los Angeles Lakers, as well as the Legends. He was also an assistant coach for the National Basketball Association's New Jersey Nets, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Milwaukee Bucks, and the Houston Rockets.

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A lot of people think when you have a long home stand that the pressure is off of you. But the truth is that the pressure is really on you to defend that home court.

I didn't make the cut. Clearly, Avery didn't do his homework and check out what kind of shooter I was in college.

We'll find out, won't we? It has produced 60 wins. But we all know that's not the ultimate goal.

Everybody says he didn't win a championship as a coach, but look at everybody who's in the Hall who doesn't have a ring. My key point is that none of the teams he's coached were good enough to win the whole thing. But did he get the most out of them that you could? Yes.

I really like his game. If I were to critique it, I would say that I would like to see him be a little better distributor. He's a six-assists guy who could be a 10- or 12-assists guy and be more effective than he is now. And I think when he makes that next step . . . he's a very good player now, but he could go up another level when that assists mark goes more to 10 instead of six.

When I had him in the Olympics in the summer of 2004, after every practice and after every game throughout the whole time that I had him, when he would take his shoes off, his socks would be red on the inside from the blood coming from his big toe.

It's a hard pill for D.J. to swallow because that's his job – to try to block shots. He just tried to block a shot and missed.

I thought Chris had a good game because he had 11 assists, but sometimes Chris can get 11 assists and still get you 20 points. So I thought our guards ... did a nice job with him.