Deborah Norville
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"Deborah Anne Norville" is an United States/American television anchor and journalist. Since 1995 she has been host of the syndicated American television program Inside Edition. She earlier hosted Today (U.S. TV program)/Today on NBC, substitute-anchored both the NBC Nightly News and the weekend CBS Evening News, and was a host and correspondent for two CBS News magazine programs.

She has received two Emmy Awards for her television work, the first while at NBC News for coverage of a democratic uprising in Romania, and the second for work on CBS's 48 Hours covering floods on the Mississippi River.

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The reason the board of directors voted to discontinue the program was for lack of national sponsors. I think it's a sad commentary on the world we live in today, if nowhere in this 500-channel, 24/7 broadcast day can they find room for a program that celebrates girls for being good.

Katie will be the brand of CBS News...You will see her face attached to every CBS product out there. Katie has 15 years of history with people...That's the power of celebrity. The challenge for CBS will be to produce a compelling enough newscast to keep those curiosity seekers who sample the show coming back.

I actually love that song, the whole story about Francis Scott Key looking out over the water to see if we had won or lost the battle, but it's a tough song. I was nervous, but the lady playing the big organ told me about all the people who had messed up, so I figured if I made a mistake, I'd be OK.

What's the first image that comes to mind when you think of a mental hospital? Jack Nicholson in 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,' right? We need to change that perception, and places like this one are doing that.

This is what women, a little more than 100 years ago, were being told how life should be lived.

I loved it. It was fun saying hi to people. When someone would ask what I was doing there, I would say I was going car-to-car trying to get viewers. A couple days later, I heard on the news that there was a major traffic backup at the tunnel. Imagine the problems I could have created.

In this cluttered media landscape, recognition and the automatic, encyclopedic knowledge you have about a bona fide celebrity like Katie, is a very valuable commodity.

The ladies who ran the contest said, 'Well honey, don't you sing while you sew or maybe you tap dance while you sew?' I said, 'No ma'am, I just sort of sit there.' That was not what they wanted to hear.

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