"Maydie Myles" is an American soul music/soul and jazz singer who is highly acclaimed for her recordings in the 1960s and 1970s when she was known professionally as "Debbie Taylor". Her most successful record, "Never Gonna Let Him Know", reached the Billboard (magazine)/Billboard Hot 100/pop chart in 1969.

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When things go wrong, most teams flip into another mode, where Old Dominion is always the same. I don't think other teams in this league are that bad; I just don't think they're as steady. Teams in this league can be really good and they can be really bad. Old Dominion is never bad.

Her road has been kind of rocky, but she's been a staple of this program. She has ridden the wave of bad times, and it's nice to see her lead us to some good times.

It limits the number of kids we can see and so I think that's why people are complaining. Taking that extra day away, with Boo starting Friday at 4 in the past it was potentially three or four games - but it makes a big difference.

After we beat JMU (82-70) we got content and haven't played well since. We have to learn that with winning comes learning how to maintain it.

I thought that team was gone - I've been around for games like that before with less talented teams. You can't come in here not ready to play or you'll get pounded, and we were God-awful. I really didn't think I'd ever see that again with this team.

It's so spread out, you're driving from gym to gym to gym and you can barely get there. We'll cover as much ground as we can. Typically we've had two people at Boo, but we won't be able to do that this weekend.

They didn't used to execute as well in the half-court (offense). Wendy's done a really good job of getting the kids to execute in the half-court. It used to be one or two passes and put it up. They never had to do anything else. But they've really made an adjustment. They're really playing very good basketball now. They've taken the hits with all the injuries and built something.

(This game was) ridiculous and horrible, but we've done a lot of good things this season. You have to take the embarrassment from this game and move on to Thursday. Because that's what matters as far as us getting the No. 4 spot.