He's going to go visit with Coach Kennedy and those guys down there. That's the only one (other visit) so far, but I think he's trying to work on going to Kansas State to visit.

(Devan) told me that they've been talking. I don't know the extent of the conversations, but he's been talking to coach Kennedy. They have a great relationship.

But no date or anything is set.

He just wants to be comfortable. He wants to be secure and find a place with some stability after what happened at Cincinnati last season.

He's got a decent size list, he's going to try to narrow it down from there. He doesn't have a top three or five, he's just trying to see who all is interested and how he would fit in.

He has a list of schools he's interested in. I wouldn't go so far as to say he's made up his mind or even has a top five.

He said (the coaches understood) he needs to make an informed decision. So they didn't pressure him about making a commitment over the weekend. So he's probably going to look at visiting a couple other places. This is a big decision for him.

He's wanting to make sure he makes the right decision. So it's possible he'll take another couple visits.