We tried to get the point across that we're not an exterior shooting team. We need to beat people down the court and play on the glass.

We knew we had to come out and play with more passion in the second half. Omro had a great game plan against us in the first half and we had to come back and answer that. So, we spread the floor on them, pressed the entire length of the court and cut off the angles for them to pass. It seemed to work very well.

He's always been a great on-ball defender. Sometimes he's a little lackluster off the ball. We're just looking for completeness from him. He's a good player and he works hard at it.

A great team just finds a way to get a lead and keep it. And that's what they did to us. We had a few shots that didn't go for us and they went down to the other end and made big plays.

It's the old adage that you tie a knot at the end of the rope and try to hang on.

Our press has worked pretty well for us this season. We really needed it this game.

He's got better in getting his team involved. Last year he tried to carry a load by himself sometimes. This year he's distributing the ball a lot better and it gets us in the flow.

His freshman year he basically lived on 3-point shots on the perimeter. He's added a great dribble drive, put it on the deck, jump-stop game.