When teachers get together they can trade ideas, blow off steam and generally get better connected with the school. As a result, students get better, more enthusiastic teachers.

We are seeing a shift from the destruction of data to the theft of data. They are going from hacking for fun to hacking for fortune.

Attackers are starting to move away form your large targets, banks etc. and are going for regional institutions and smaller business. They are also going for charitable sites, like the American Red Cross, which are the most vulnerable and trusting.

As new technologies emerge, so do risks.

There are companies that are paying for vulnerabilities, and with the commercial acquisition of vulnerability information, nobody knows how long [the attackers] are holding that information.

The people that are doing these things are not stupid or angst-driven teenagers.

It has been a good couple years. Obviously I haven't pitched as well as I would have liked, but it is good to see the team is winning and doing better than last year.

Attackers are going to start looking at gaming platforms because more and more of these devices are becoming interconnected. It's an evolution that we think has been coming for some time. The sky isn't falling, but it's certainly a natural evolution.

We didn't book any security, there was no stage and we only had a vocal PA.