David had one of his best games. He started the game making a lot of great plays on both ends of the court. When he's got that kind of energy, commitment and focus, our team's really good.

We beat them in a close, tough game earlier in the year.

We've made the ones that have counted, though. We haven't lost a game due to poor free throw shooting.

And he's the nicest guy in the world. He played hard. Immediately when he got in in the first half, he made a basket. He made play after play. And the block, hopefully we got it on tape, that was an incredible block.

When you're in desperation, you're going to try anything. They're trapping and we're trying to hold it. If they're trapping and we're trying to score, it might be a different situation. In those games, you're just trying to win by one.

He didn't make a mistake out there (Sunday). He's out there guarding guards with a bad ankle. That job he did was something special. It kind of goes unsung because there's no big stats for him. But he's a special player for us.

We've got 10 players that can play. We're one of the few teams in the league 10 deep. When you have 10 deep, you have to take advantage of it.

If we've got 10 guys playing like that, we've got a chance to go through January, deep into February with a lot of fresh legs and a lot of fresh bodies.

I was worried about our fatigue level, but fortunately, it didn't show up. I was proud of how we responded after three tough games.