Thirteen of the 14 past graduates came back for graduation this year to accept their scholarship certificate. And as they came up to accept their certificate, I told the crowd where they were at in their studies, what their grade point was and what their college goals were. I'm tickled about these past graduates who come back.

There are some farmers who pull up to the elevator here in the fall and just tell the people that this load of corn is going to the foundation.

Then one day in 1992 out of the clear blue I got a call from a woman who wanted me to speak with her and her husband about our foundation. I took them to lunch at Wheeler's and explained what we were trying to do. I wrapped it up by asking them what they had in mind dollar-wise.

Back in 1991, I suggested doing this because our school district is not affluent by any means. We had kids going to college and struggling and some of them were the first people in their family to do so. I had read some articles about foundations and knew that maybe we could do this.