Dayton Moore
FameRank: 6

"Dayton Moore" is the General Manager (baseball)/general manager of the Kansas City Royals. He succeeded Allard Baird.

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This is a good kid from a strong family with a father who wouldn't let him throw away that money. He didn't even get a car until about two years ago. He's an outstanding person.

Manuel says that he's throwing well and his arm looks as good as it ever has. That's encouraging. He says [Villarreal] is really excited about his new opportunity and can't wait to get to Spring Training.

He'll probably go to (Class A) Myrtle Beach and he'll be evaluated accordingly. The next step would be Mississippi. It's possible he could get there this year. The competition (in A-ball) will tell us.

As players get closer to the majors, we like to increase their versatility and see how they might fit in. For now, though, he's strictly a catcher, and we like his development there.

With some of the questions we have in our major-league bullpen, we wanted to acquire as much talent as we could to create depth and to create competition. Our pitching depth, we feel real good about. It's as good as we've felt about it in Triple-A.

He's had a tremendous year. He comes to play every day and he doesn't give up a single at-bat. He's really shown a lot of maturity.

Andy profiles as a guy who has the ability to hit in the middle of the lineup for a championship major league team. He has all the ingredients to be a special hitter.

We want to stress having balance in their lives and making good decisions off the field.

He can play first, and maybe a little outfield. But he's really a third baseman. I don't think you want to move him around.