We worked out some stuff; we would fast break and have to pass it around and get about 20 passes in. The entire team got some experience and scored today. We really worked hard on that zone defense.

Really this game was learning patience and grace. The school we played [Briarwood] comes out game after game and never hangs their head. Our girls really understand that it doesn't matter if it was 102-8. Grace and mercy come into play, and that's what I love about coaching at this school is that the kids know that.

They hit the boards. For the first time all year we lit it up from the outside, which was really good to see. Defensively, we shut down their two main players. We came into the game prepared and ready for them.

The monkey is off our back. We have been struggling for three games. This is our first home game in a long time. The girls were excited to play at home. They came out and played Cougar basketball. They have been trying hard.

A win is a win. We are struggling right now; our worst enemy is ourselves.

We've been trying to build some confidence in the latter part of the season. After last night's seeding meeting, this should be a huge confidence boost for our team.

It could have scored 20 points in the first quarter if we wanted to easily. But this school is here to challenge kids, and my respect goes to them. We want to be merciful but play hard and understand there are more important things than killing another team.

We want to focus on Danielle, we want to bring Danielle home.

They are doing everything I ask them to. We just have to start clicking.