It's a great opportunity. We don't really have anything to lose.

We had the mindset that we were going to play hard from the beginning. We were not going to get down by 20.

This is the end of my career. I want to be known as a good player.

It was a good 'ah' though. They're not an unfamiliar team.

The worst was probably the one here at home. It was a great environment, and I just felt like if we were going to get to the sweet 16, it had to be that year. It was our time. ... It just felt like we were unstoppable.

Everyone stepped up. Everyone knew we had to make up for it.

We made a vast improvement in our game plan. We were focused. We were ready to play. We're chipping away at this.

That's what we do. We play defense, get the steal or the rebound and we're gone. I think it complements us.

I tried to let the game come to me, but sometimes that doesn't work for me. In the second half I was more aggressive. I tried to create stuff for myself and my teammates.