It's a little bit of a sigh of relief that you've got the pressure off a little bit.

We're playing for the P.G.A. tomorrow, so friendship is aside. But it'll be a good day.

They played very difficult coming in. I mean you had to kill it off 17 just to be able to get your short club to the green on your third shot.

That the only hole that doesn't make a lot of sense. If you miss the fairway by like 4 feet, it becomes a (par) 6.

I enjoyed playing with them. Out here, it was a little more like a circus. It's like playing with Elvis being out here with Daly.

I'm digging balls out of the rough that I wasn't able to and I'm hitting drives powerfully at the end of a round like I couldn't last year. I've been remarkably calm.

I saw the club head at the top of Love's golf swing and you could almost do chin-ups on it.

There's a group of us that really want to make the team and to win for Jack. He deserves a Presidents Cup win after going around the world twice and not getting one.