In 2006, we have a number of initiatives in our wealth management and insurance business which will take advantage of the increasing size of our retail customer base.

The health department is looking primarily for bacteriological contamination. Oil and gas, you can see or smell.

They're just bleeding money. You can see why they need additional money to survive.

It takes two to tangle, and if you can convince one of those two people to back off and let the other guy behave badly but not take it personally, you can defuse many of these situations before they ever get started.

If we can convince millions of calm, mature motorists not to get sucked into encounters with angry drivers, many lives can be saved and injuries reduced.

Sprint is somewhat enlightened in supporting management over multiple carrier networks. The management support does not include the same [service-level agreements that Sprint offers], but the management arm is closer to what users would do if managing their WAN in-house.