I've been told that the media has been publishing that we have no documents proving that this is ours. This is blatantly false.

People in uniform shouldn't deal through their emotions but rather through their intellect. By the beginning of the week, we had [the rioting] stopped and that's when the police started with their massive provocation.

It's not even the pain of a scar; it's an open wound.

She was conscious and talking and not complaining. It was unbelievable.

We were invaded by police, border police, riot squads, horses. This is a provocation. It's a show of strength. They've entered private property illegally, and we're very upset that the government is using these kind of tactics to try to scare people.

There's no question that the events of early this week were very harmful to us. But the blame can fairly be placed on the large police and army forces that came here forcefully two weeks ago to place eviction notices on Jewish-owned homes. In any event, we have said that things got out of hand and that we did not have total control - but when we did regain control, things calmed down.

He effectively rejected the opinion of the Supreme Court.

It's important to say 'No. You can't let them chop up your land and give it to your enemy.

We're working very hard to stop the expulsion, but we have absolutely no plans to leave of our own accord.