He used to be the bad boy of NASCAR. If he wanted to win a race, he would.

Dale Earnhardt was my hero and when he died I started liking his son.

He had a GPS (global positioning satellite tether) on his leg, so we knew where he went and there was a paper trail we could follow, ... What money we couldn't find had been turned into cash.

When you look at the overall thing, 3,000 kids came here, 3,000 kids were delivered home safely that day. Was there some confusion? With registration the way it is, you can understand why.

Xavier has been an outstanding player and leader of Auckland. Given the circumstances it was only right to assist him as best we could for the upcoming Heineken Cup.

We've still got DeMarco and Corey, and they really stepped up. We still pass-protected better than we ran-blocked. As DeMarco knows, they're going to be after him. (Quarterback) Craig (Sedoris) did a good job.

Palo came out and got after us early, and we didn't really come out ready to play at that level.

Even though the Swans have been there for over 20 years now and really built up a loyal following, AFL on television does not attract the sort of audiences we would like, ... We would just have got killed if we went in any earlier. We are putting it on at 10pm, which is not what I would call late, but we would get hammered if we put it on live.

He could have shot somebody.