David Welch
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"Charles David Welch" is an American diplomat who served as Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs in the United States Department of State from 2005 through 2008. On August 14, 2008 in Tripoli, Welch signed the U.S.-Libya Comprehensive Claims Settlement Agreement paving the way for the restoration of full diplomatic and commercial relations between the two countries after a 25-year break. Welch is currently the president of the Europe, Africa & Middle East division of Bechtel.

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Overall Palestinian Authority performance to date has been far from satisfactory.

The disengagement from Gaza is a bold step. It has changed the political landscape. It offers a new chance to do something different between the Israelis and Palestinians, and we would like to see if it can bear further fruit.

There may be ways in which we can support that. We'll have to see.

We would like the Sharm el-Sheik understandings fully implemented.

He has been the leader, and he has had the focus and everyone rowing the boat in the same direction. To change would be difficult, especially with two board members leaving and half the cabinet retiring.

This is an important effort on our part to help rebuild the Palestinian economy and infrastructure.

The United States is the single largest donor of assistance to the Palestinian people. We have about this year -- if you count the regular assistance budget to the Palestinians, plus supplemental assistance, we are devoting approximately 350 million dollars to this.

If confidence can be built between the two parties, that can ... offer a real chance to re-energize the roadmap.

By 2010, (the sensors) will be from Baja California all the way to the Bering Sea.