We loved the whole Mississippi River aspect of it. You can't exactly recreate that.

We urge investors to vote against this value-destroying proposal. Why give up something so valuable for nothing?

Dates throughout history have been referred to as B.C. and A.D.. It's also some degree of a faith-based issue. Especially this Easter season, I thought it was inappropriate for us to reference this.

It's a bad thing when the government interferes in the relationship between employer and employee.

This was by far the most challenging flying that I have done in my 19-year career. All my past flying helped, but nothing could truly prepare me for what I saw there. There were so many helicopters in the sky at any given time. It was surreal.

The only thing I'm concerned about is disclosure, to make sure investors know when people have built up these positions. Then the market will start to reflect the outcome. The share price would go down if the deal was likely to fail and there wouldn't be any surprises.

Cape Girardeau is of huge atmospheric importance to the film.

We've been telling people to check all of them besides ours, because we're not sure if our names will be on theirs and vice versa.

The Blast from the Past will celebrate the special history of this region.