"John David Weathers" is a former Major League Baseball pitcher. He bats and throws right-handed.

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Good for him. Everybody knew he wanted that job, and we've played well under him. Hopefully we'll have more success and build for the future.

I just didn't make any good pitches. I got behind guys, walked guys. You do that, you're not going to have any success. I just blew the game.

That was the big at-bat, ... loading the bases there. I was trying to get him to hit into a double play. I kept missing with my sinker.

I didn't make my pitches. I got behind in the count. That's how you lose games.

I just didn't make any good pitches, ... I got behind guys. I walked guys. You don't have a whole lot of success when you do that. I blew the game.

It's tough to have an overhaul of players and staff year in and year out, ... You've got to have some sort of continuity and flow. You've got to know what kind of man you're playing for.

I'm thinking about getting headsets, ... Then he can say, 'David, back off a little.' .

Me and [Mercker] say the only thing we're being groomed for is the glue factory.