I was under the impression it was enjoying some success. But it looks like going it alone without a license was too tough in competition with Barbie.

This runs contrary to what is going on in the rest of country. Schools have made adjustments in light of the Sarbanes-Oxley bill.

I'm delighted to hear that there's some moderation in the rate of growth, and I hope we can sustain that.

I see her walking the kids just about every day. There's lots of parents in this area who have trust in her.

I love the comic roles - I get the laughs, and I get to go home before anybody dies, ... And this guy is so universal - there will always be snake oil salesmen, won't there?

They were found in a crevasse. I think the peak was 7,000 feet. The plane hit at 6,500 feet and fell into a granite notch so one could see it.

Fighting Joe Hooker: A Reappraisal.

My daughter really loves the apes; she started shaking her head back and forth like a monkey.