It is our aim to get as many players as we can in the national squad and they will come back to Ulster better players.

Overall, the Army was a good experience for me. It got me out of Mississippi and gave me the benefits of the GI bill.

We are happy with the representation.

Because this is not a race all boats, regardless of their engine size can enter, the winner will be determined by the draw of the card and not how fast your boat can run.

We knew coming into the playoffs that our pitching staff was our strength.

This fun-filled family event will have a variety of food and drinks from the 18 vendors at Sunset Village along with a Kids' Corner, comprising of a number of games including the bouncing castle, Ice-Cream, Hoopla, Bingo and a Three on Three Basketball Tournament with Local Government playing the Members of Parliament, in a special challenge match that will highlight the competition.

And take risks whenever you think it is right.

It comes down to community involvement and paying back to a district that gave so much to me as a student.

We believe this merger is in the best interests of all those connected with Lone Star. Our shareholders will receive a substantial premium to the current market value of their stock, and our customers, suppliers and employees will benefit from the combined resources of the two companies.