John Kerry has fought again and again to extend unemployment benefits for workers left behind in the Bush economy. The reason we haven't succeeded is because George Bush opposes extending unemployment insurance, and so do his allies.

I interpret that the citizens want to go out on their own, they don't want to remain in shelters, people are looking for opportunities.

Only does the right thing under public political pressure.

Their first instinct should be to answer questions about our security rather than launch a public relations offensive, and when that fails do what they should've done from day one.

We feel they will be able to get out into the community to find housing. Many of them have already been leaving.

Not a terribly complicated operation to perform.

John Kerry takes a backseat to no one when it comes to maintaining the strongest military on the face of the Earth and keeping our promises to America's veterans, and across this country citizens are responding to his call for change.

This Republican front group for Bush is out of credibility after being caught in lie after lie day after day.

Need to answer to the American people for their craven tactics that degrade our democracy.