Robert will always be in the shadow of Dwight because Dwight is clearly a difference-maker. But he's not like a mini-Dwight, he's like another Dwight.

I was just doing what you're supposed to do when you get a turnover, and that's go from defense to offense. I won't say I was targeting him. He was just the guy in the way.

Clearly he made a difference and I think the Ravens thought he did, too. He's a big body in the middle who allows linebackers to scrape a little more freely.

I'm excited about them coming out to support me again. Everybody who came had a positive and enlightening experience, ... They ride 12 or 13 hours on a bus to support me, and hopefully we can continue to do it each year. It means a lot to me to know Goldsboro is still following me and supporting me in my pro career.

We want to continue to build on the positive things of the past. We've played well, but not good enough to get to the Super Bowl, ... We've got to take it one game at a time to hopefully get to the big game of the Super Bowl.

He tried to grab them and I said, 'No, you can't. They're all full of mud and you can't take them because they're ruined, ... I told him, 'You can always get another. Christmas is coming up.'

Corey Simon can help us out a lot. He's a veteran to provide leadership and a big man who can plug things up in the middle, ... He'll help with the run defense and put pressure on the quarterback.

It's on such a grand scale, ... We thought, 'What little we could do, we should do.'

It's a good challenge. I doubt they'll back off. Most of the time in the preseason, you want to establish chemistry, and they've been pretty successful doing what they're doing.