"David Stubbs" is a British journalist. He grew up in Leeds. As a student at Oxford University he was a close friend of Simon Reynolds. The two joined Melody Maker in 1986, where Stubbs remained for a dozen years. He combined his serious writing career with writing the humorous "Talk Talk Talk" section, which featured the character of "Mr Agreeable" who would insult virtually everything with barrages of swear words (asterisked out to fit within IPC Media regulations).

Stubbs has written, more seriously, for the now-defunct Vox (magazine)/Vox magazine, for the NME (late 1990s and early 2000s), and as editor of The Wire (magazine)/The Wire, UNCUT (magazine)/Uncut, The Guardian, The Times and the football magazines Goal and When Saturday Comes. He has also contributed to many of the themed special editions of Uncut (magazine)/Uncut. He has written about musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and Eminem in the Stories Behind Every Song series.

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Gathering strength is evident in several areas of the industry with growth in the housing sector the strongest in almost two years as buyer activity has improved.

It feels like the market is pretty strong, given the performance and volume we've seen in a lot of small-cap companies.

Mortgage approvals are also clearly above their average for the last decade of 100,00 strengthening the argument that the housing market in 2006 will see the first rise in activity since 2002, after three consecutive years of decline.

The moderate rises in unemployment of the past 12 months and higher numbers entering the initial stages of the repossession process, should mean that repossessions will continue to increase over the next few quarters.