We still have 2,698 people to convince that this is a good idea.

We communicate well, and in the past, we had a harder time communicating . We have been able to work beyond that.

The precise temperature required, however, is not known and may not be the same in laboratory experiments as it is in space, ... Yet it might be that we are seeing evidence for 'planetary' processes such as volcanism within these bodies.

They?re pretty much wired into these kids? heads.

This is an extremely serious situation as these refugees live in camps and settlements in remote areas of Zambia and rely entirely on WFP for their food supplies.

We have a limited amount of time to buy food in the region and get it to the hungriest before the harshest months of the lean season, ... The time to act is now.

This is certainly not our preferred course of action. We simply have no choice. Although we had a stable pipeline for refugees through to December this year, we have received no contributions from 2006.

From 1 January, WFP will be forced to reduce rations by 50 percent.

The presence of crystalline ice is surprising.