You can't exist too many years like that without having some kind of endowment backing you. We just weren't near any metropolitan areas where you could draw regular attendance.

What's really behind all of this is that there were expectations for international data growth, business services growth, Internet growth and the higher value-added segments that just have not transpired.

And Vivendi has dramatically transformed itself over the past few years into having quite a balanced distribution portfolio relative to what people thought it would have two years ago.

All his friends and associates that used to come here, they would come out of respect to Ted, having breakfast with him and talking to him. He was a lure.

When you look at Viacom and AOL Time Warner, their cash flow being generated by their businesses has enabled them to reduce debt and to focus on their businesses.

It's not going to be given away or sold in any way. It's going to be broadened and more and more people will be exposed to these things.

It is a sold cable channel, it's also a platform of diverse programming interests.

Marconi's communications to the markets over the last six months have constantly disappointed.

Among the U.S. operations like Viacom, AOL Time Warner, Disney, all of them have been making acquisitions. But all of them have been generating very strong cash flow.