It was fantastic. Earl took fight songs from various colleges and universities and made it a terrific, joyous time.

They are now up in the win column and that's a good place to be. But I think the cases coming up in New Jersey... are going to be a little more of a true test of which way things go. These are long-term users. The ability of plaintiffs to argue causation will be substantially enhanced.

If Merck can win on those, then they can really say they've got some momentum on their side.

For the plaintiffs it comes down to a question of candor and does the jury think the defendant was being honest and putting all its cards on the table. If they think they're trying to hide something, that's when the defendant gets slammed.

Data from several cultivation-independent, molecular experiments led us to suspect that Archaea could be involved in the marine nitrogen cycle. Subsequently having the organism isolated in the lab allowed us to confirm our suspicions.

It was a musical journey of the United States. We played parts of 'Oklahoma!,' 'Meet Me in St. Louis' and 'New York, New York,' along with about 30 other songs.

In terms of guidance for the future, you need some (clarification) from the court.

Whether a Stephen Foster medley for the CSO Chorus or a big-band medley of hit tunes over the past 50 years, Earl is fantastic.