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Those who weren't scheduled to go home, we're going to send them home anyway to take care of their families and the hurricane damage.

There's always a fear of the unknown as to what liabilities the state might inherit for whatever reason.

We're making sure the unit commanders here can still conduct their missions without the folks from Keesler, ... There are about 18,000 airmen in the theater, so we can pick up the slack.

It creates more uncertainty than in the past, and to the extent that we have adequate reserves, that's a good thing.

The US Central Command Air Forces is sending 300 Active Duty and Air Force Reserve Airmen home who were assigned to Keesler Air Force Base (in Biloxi, Mississippi) so they can attend to their families' needs after Hurricane Katrina.

May not be a bad thing.

Nearly 100 airmen who were scheduled to deploy from Keesler AFB (to the Central Command area of responsibility) will not deploy now.