"David Shulman" was an United States/American lexicographer and cryptographer.

He contributed many early usages to the Oxford English Dictionary and is listed among [http://www.oed.com/archive/oed2-preface/hist-other.html "Readers and contributors from collections" for the second edition of the OED (1989)]. He felt most at home in the New York Public Library, undertaking his lexicographic research there and donating many valuable items to it. He described himself as "the Sherlock Holmes of Americanisms".

He has been a member of the American Cryptogram Association since 1933, and is a champion Scrabble player.

At the age of 23 he wrote "Washington Crossing the Delaware (sonnet)/Washington Crossing the Delaware," a 14-line sonnet in which every line is an anagram of the title.

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We got a green light from the Fed last week and we got a green light from the bond market in Thursday. My sense is that over the next three to six weeks the market is going higher. But I would be thinking more in terms of selling rather than buying here.

What's astounding is that we've got high growth without inflation, ... there is a level of labor market tightness that will generate wage inflation.

Our logo is located in the same place as one of our minor competitors.

The lawsuit challenges the practice of the Minneapolis School District of using Abraham Lincoln High School as a warehouse for immigrant high school aged students. Students sat in mainstream classrooms for years, not understanding what was being said, or what was being taught.

I think the movement in the bond market is probably short-term but it still probably has a little bit to go.

Near-term, I think stocks probably will act reasonably well following the bond market. As long as bonds act well, stocks will act well.

I want to appease everyone.

I picked Mike because I know his talents as a creative artist.

We're at the stage of the market where it seems to be detaching from historical fundamentals.