David Shields
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"David Shields" is an American author of nonfiction and fiction, although much of his work resists generic classification.

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The conservancy supports land trusts being held to the highest standards. Land conservation is a maturing field and there are many land trusts being created every year, and it behooves us to operate in a professional manner.

I've never seen a potato farm since I've been down here.

We've entered the age of confusion in oil policy.

The announcement of American Airlines to start Dallas, Fort Worth, is strategically important for Jamaica and is a very important opportunity for our Midwest market, and western U.S., as well as western Canada. Our Japanese market will also benefit significantly because the American Airlines flight will allow for same day one-stop service from Narita Tokyo in Japan to MoBay.

This was in fact before the establishment of the embassy last year, and proved to have been very useful for us from a tourism perspective, also in terms of Jamaica's understanding of the market and also from some indications of cultural activities and cultural levels.

To me it's entirely speculative and hypothetical.

The 10 billion barrels would be a substantial amount if there were a basis for it, and there's not at this point.

If our sample is representative of the larger youth sport population, this finding would suggest that there are nearly 2 million kids being physically abused by their coaches each year.

The airlift situation is not seamless and although in the last year we have seen, for example, Continental Airlines starting non-stop service from Newark to Beijing and Air Canada doing service from Beijing to Toronto, the difficulty of the visa over the US presents a problem for the Chinese.