I have recently moved away but I am glad to hear the proposals were withdrawn. It was just the wrong site for a caravan park of that scale and the roads around it were entirely unsuitable.

When I think of Colonel Crawford it reminds me a lot of the district I grew up in, a rural district that has had success, and what my brother has been able to establish in four years at Western Reserve. It will take some time, but I think our kids are going to buy into our philosophy. I know it's the right fit.

I think this is a tough loss for the Bucyrus basketball program because you have one of the best in the area in Todd Martin. He got kids to buy into his program. I respect Todd's decision. Todd is a class person. Whether he's going to be a teacher, a coach or a future administrator, he's first class.

It really opens up a slippery slope, ... It opens them (the Bush administration) up for attack where they don't need to be attacked.