This guy, he doesn't get mentioned with the names of the great ones. He gets lost in the shuffle. But you talk to the corners, the corners always mention him because he's so hard to cover. He's not flashy; he gets open and catches the ball. He does his job very, very well.

He takes nothing for granted. There are other players that have gotten a lot of accolades their entire lives, and there's always a point they can get to where they think they can coast. Mark doesn't coast. Mark comes to work, he does well, he makes plays, and he comes out the next day and does it again.

It had better be. People need to hear Simpson answer tough questions.

It does not appear that a lot of people got together in advance, but I do believe that some people started the day, with intent to cause mayhem.

I feel a sense of sorrow that we have lost someone from the community, that innocent people in the area have been attacked and injured and that one of our colleagues was shot.

I think the violence was quite simply about criminality, about people intent on seizing an opportunity to pick up on some of the tensions that had evolved during this week.

He was a commercial spokesman and a barely adequate actor. That means he needs ... public acceptance, and if he doesn't get public acceptance, he doesn't have much of a future if he wants to make any money.

We need people to come forward with information to help arrest and convict those responsible and not to take the law into their own hands.

Thank you very much for getting that guy out of our division. I'm tired of playing against that guy.