Look at Israel. They have events happen on a regular basis. Whatever happened today, they get the mess cleaned up and they're back in action and back to business the next day. That's the attitude we have to take.

Frederick has exactly the kind of strong industry experience that will help us delight our customers and give them the kind of expert training and implementation services they need to be successful. His civil engineering industry background and newly certified expert status is a valuable asset for our customers and our company.

The business plans we've seen when 3G was put together show it's very difficult to make a return on your investment unless you set up a business community where you are all putting services through the infrastructure. That makes it very important for everyone to be working to standards.

If the first wave of people come up here and fill up the rooms and shelters and everything, then those last folks that leave, they don't have any choice but to go further north and the problem is they're trying to go further north when conditions have already gone south on them.

You combine the two droughts, and that's like over 150 years.

If we have a job opening and we get a good applicant from Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama with solid credentials, we would not hesitate to put them in a classroom setting.

The whole city is like, 'Just somebody win,' .

In layman's terms, the state is saying that we have too much money in our savings account.

I've been taking a lot of abuse from my buddies who are Sox fans. The only thing that helps is we [the Cubs] split the series 3-3 [with the Sox].