"David Richmond" (1748–1818) was an United States/American commissioned officer who served in the American Revolutionary War.

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It's like Duke-Carolina ? you don't want to lose to your rival.

I try to point out to our players that, despite our record, we are a good team. We have athletes who can score, but the key is stopping teams on the defensive end.

(Tennessee) is a well-coached and very disciplined team. It will be a tough battle for us.

We want this to be more than just a basketball tournament. We also want this to be a social event.

I think our kids felt like they weren't getting a lot of respect. But they showed a lot of character, and they were very disciplined.

I was proud of the way we played against Mississippi, but I told (the players) we had some unfinished business. We can get fifth place ? that's what we are shooting for now.

That was a first for me.